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The Spirited Septuagenarian Sculptor

If our daughter Supriya took a keen interest in painting, we owe it all to her “Sulochana-kaki”, Mrs. Sulochana Haldankar, a kind-hearted elderly woman who lives in our locality. We heard about the art classes, which she conducted in her house from our neighbourhood friends. It was apparent that “Sulochana-Kaki” was extremely talented and loved to teach the little kids residing in our locality, the basics of drawing and painting. But now she is unable to teach kids anymore as she is now busy preparing for her exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery! This 75-year old wonderful person touched our lives and I would like to share with readers of India-tweets this inspiring story about her in the link below:

Sulochana-kaki, the spirited Septuagenarian Sculptor


Solilo said...

Posted a comment on Gopinath's blog.

Amazing lady!

Vinod_Sharma said...

What a heart-warming and inspiring story. Some TV channel should do a program on her

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