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Parliament Committee on Health and Family Welfare MP's want that tobacco companies start giving vouchers for free cancer check ups inside every cigarette pack. 

No one wants to say NO to election contributions from Tobacco companies. Or tax cigarette companies so highly that their products become unaffordable.  The date for starting pictorial representation of cancer on packs was even  postponed  due to election concerns.

But will this set a precedent ?  Will car manufacturers,  give  respiratory check up coupons  free along with cars ?  Will hotels give free coupons for digestive treatments  subsequent to possible abdominal infections ?  Will Mr Vijay Mallya, give coupons for free liver function tests along with every bottle of beer ?

Will the Mumbai Municipal authorities give free coupons for Bisleri in the suburbs,  while openly diverting water for construction?

Breathlessly awaited in the pollution.....


Vinod_Sharma said...

If the matter was not as serious as it is, this would have been a hilarious tweet! I actually can't stop laughing; you have made politicians look like jokers! Dishonest ones, of course, who perhaps want to sleep in peace with their heads on tobacco-money pillows, satisfied that they have given those who get cancer by it at least a chance to survive.

BK Chowla said...

It is true that they are the most dishonest creatures on this earth.
Trust me,I think it is a very serious post and needs to be debated.

manju said...

Our MPs do come up regularly with stupid ideas, but this is one of the worst!

I like the suggestion made by Hriday & Shan Legal Officer Priyanka Dahiya that "the better thing would be to start suing the tobacco companies for compensation as cancer treatments costs lakhs of rupees,"

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