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Politician tries to rape Russian; she was lucky

This was possibly the last feather that was left to adorn the crown of India's politicians.

John Fernandes, an aspiring politician who narrowly lost to Goa Tourism Minister in the last elections, has been accused by a Russian tourist of attempting to rape her.

According to a complaint filed by her at Kolva police station, the 25-year Russian was offered a lift by Fernandes in his car on Tuesday night. But, instead of taking her to the hotel, he took her to a lonely spot and tried to rape her. Luckily, she managed to free herself and reach the hotel.

Not surprisingly, Fernandes is not traceable. Investigations are on, say the police.

The Russian was fortunate. Can we say the same about Mother India? Vande Mataram?


BK Chowla said...

That was all that was left to be expected of our political class.
But,if my gut feel is right,a few days later this case will be in the files which will have few killos of dust on it,till next elections.

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