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Soren is Sure-in. Again.

Soren is Sure-in. Again. But this time not in Tihar jail as a murderer. This time he is in Jharkhand Chief Minister's chair. Yes the same one that was not so long ago occupied by another distinguished Indian politician. That gentleman, rumour has it, is called Koda not because he played with a few 'kodis' (cheap sea shells, money once) but because he plundered billions of them.

If Koda was put into that chair by the Congress, Sure-in has been pushed in by the BJP, yes that party which used to claim with some pride once that it was different from the Congress. Now, it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

We elect them to govern;
They select among themselves to loot-n-run.
We believe it is democracy;
They laugh coz they know it's plunder-ocracy.


manju said...

There is no difference between the Congress and the BJP today. In the next election the BJP is going to lose the votes of their long-time supporters who feel betrayed.

I cannot believe the BJP is actually supporting Shibu Soren.

BK Chowla said...

We have gone beyond the comparison between Congress-BJP.They are all the same.In such case why will BJP lose supporters?Why won't Congress lose supporters?
It is all about perception.Fact is that we --100 crore--are clueless as to what and how do we want this country to be governed. Can any one name one-one single-MP who is not related to some influential politician? Can we name one in the last 10 years who has made it to parliament without being politically connected?NO.
So,congress or BJP ,they are all the same because they know as to what our weaknesses are and hence, we have a Soren as the CM.And this story will keep repeating endlessly.

Happy Kitten said...

nd yet we have the most honest PM in chair... and he alone let the congress rule.. just like how BJP had Vajpayee to woo the votes..

I will repeatedly utter this since I am pitting my hope on this indvidual alone.... will he ever wake up?

BK Chowla said...

Happy Kitten,we are all proud of the honest PM leading a Govt in India.But this too is unfortunate that while he is the PM,he is very honest,his record is spotless,he is an able administrator...but fact is that during his tenure there have been huge point naming those now.
Even me,all of us are hoping that he will one day reform the Governance and image of the country.
Will he??

manju said...

@BK Chowla- The Congress is the same as it has been for many years- and its supporters know what it is.

The BJP in past years gave its supporters some hope of clean governance and adherence to values- seems we cannot expect that from the BJP any more. That is why supporters are disappointed.

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