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Save planet, say no-no to non-veg

Want to do your bit save the planet from global warming? Turn vegetarian. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of non-vegetarian dishes is many times more than that of vegetarian ones.

According to a study carried out by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute to examine the carbon footprints of 24 food items, it takes 900 litres to produce one kg of wheat and 15,000 litres for the same quantity of mutton, in addition to 10-12 kg of crop products as cattle feed.

One aspect that the study has apparently not considered is that cooking meat takes much longer too. If the GWP impact of the additional fuel required for the purpose is taken into account too then the picture will only get worse.

So, drive you Nano, but say no-no to non-veg.
Picture: Hindustan Times


BK Chowla, said...

My dear friend,good to see this analytical report.
Perhaps,it is correct.But,for God sake at least let me eat what I want to.
However,if GWP is really the base,what do you think can happen if each of the VIP stops going around with a convoy of cars.The senior VIPs have a convoy of 8 cars??
Should I give up Non -veg?
I will,when they do.


This is what people like you are thinking..let me do what i want to, stop the other ones who are doing it..From the developed countries like america to the underdeveloped minds..they all have the same thinking..what i do may not be fruitful but what others are doing should be considered..allas!!..we still don't get it..

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