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It is 25 years since disaster took place in Bhopal. Union Carbide factory had a gas leak which resulted into death of few thousand people (poor, of course)

The Chairman of Union Carbide was arrested and on expected lines he was released who finally left the country.

Victims are reportedly still waiting for compensation.

Why is the Govt so insensitive? Do they not see the pain of the people? Do they not see the sufferance of the people? OR-Have people lost meaning for the Govt except for during elections?

It was Congress Govt in power in MP 25 years ago. It is BJP govt now.

Is it that when one comes to power, one’s heart stops to think?

The insensitivity of the Govt must be the talk of the town world over and must have made us the laughing stock.


Vinod_Sharma said...

"When one comes to power, one's heart stops to think" That is where the problem lies. Also, as Mani Shankar Aiyar admitted for once in a TV debate, disinterested tenure-based bureaucrats are in charge of everything.

Smitha said...

I would agree with Mr Sharma, greedy politicians and uuninterested tenure based bureacrats are at the root of this.. My husband was in Bhopal at that time, and his family says that a lot of people who were not even in Bhopal have got compensation, while a lot of people who were actually impacted got nothing.

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