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Innovative protest : shaming the officials.

Today, the PM, set in motion procedures to create a law, that guaranteed citizen related services to the public , within finite specifiable time, with penalties for officials delaying it. The services include issuing of Ration cards, drivers licences,registrations of births and deaths, voter cards, etc.

In the meanwhile, Bina Devi, 26, of Saharsa, Bihar has been unsuccessfully trying to acquire a Ration card, despite completing the formailities, so that she can feed her five children.

Saharsa region in Bihar is a high risk Polio area with 22 cases this year. The government is seized of the situation.

Bina Devi let the authorities know, that she wouldnt be getting her 3 youngest to get their Polio Doses, unless she got her ration card. She got it within a week.

Putting children in danger for something rightfully theirs.

Shame on us.


Anrosh said...

they are waiting for the US to give them the permission --- 'upar se order abhi tak nahi aaya'

BK Chowla, said...

This will be another initiative which will remain in the files and Babus will ensure that it dies a natural death.

Vinod_Sharma said...

With the most complicated rules that babus have to protect them from any action, you can be dead sure that this will die before it is born.

Happy Kitten said...

Any idea what happened to the report that our PM asked his ministers to submit by Nov 30th?

Our PM is taking initiatives, but unless Sonia nods there will be no action....

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