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500 m mobiles and 77% Indians earn Rs 20 a day?

This is a news that should warm Indian hearts.

India's cellular phone base has crossed the 500 million mark, sooner than expected, with 140 million new customers being added in the first 11 months of 2009. This has taken the country's teledensity to over 46%. The year is expected to close with a world-record 155 million new customers.

According to some reports, nearly 77% Indians are living on an income of less than Rs 20 a day, or Rs 600 pm.

The figures just don't add up. Next year teledensity should cross 60%. If that be so, how can 77% Indians be as poor as we are being told?

May be someone can explain how a person who earns less than twenty rupees can buy a mobile phone and then use it too?


manju said...

They say you can prove anything using statistics. The conclusion doesn't have to be consistent with the facts!

Happy Kitten said...

think one reason could be that the incoming calls are free..

Unknown said...

u can make a unlimited missed calls with one paise this is the reason behind that one .

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Unknown said...

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