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Whose Cost, whose benefit ? The Education business

The ministry of HRD, needs to decide which Human Resources it is supposed to develop.

Primary education for rural children is in the doldrums. Absentee-teachers account for about 15 per cent in Gujarat , 39 per cent in Bihar. In villages, one single room accomodates several classes, there are no benches to sit, and blackboards are often missing.

Maharashtra alone had such 8.1 lakh illiterate students in 2004-05; Mumbai had some 48,000 such cases. In Mumbai, most of the girls drop out from school at puberty, since they have no privacy because the toilets are just not there .

Today, the HRD Ministry announced setting up of one more IIT in, of all places, Qatar.

The Indian child’s right to Education , or the country in the Business of Education abroad.

What’s more important ?

You decide.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Another example of the elitism that has created an education apartheid in this country. Somehow one gets the feeling that our 'democratic' leaders have a vested interest in keeping the poor and ignorant just as they are. It is much easier to buy their votes by giving them some money for doing worthless work under the NREGA which does not add to their skill or some liquor/TV sets etc before the elections.A matter of shame it is.

BK Chowla said...

Education is a big business and there are political reasons that more people should remain uneducated.
So,one has the elite taking maximum advantage and the uneducated still available to vote without questioning.

Anrosh said...

IIT - will soon stand for Ill Ilegal Technology ( education - i mean)

IIT's discontinued their DASA program because DASA students did not have the ability to study the material.

now back again !? --- india never learns a lesson, never will learn a lesson. such countries live in illusion and the memories of a glorious past, and live in poverty.

not taking action of 26/11 and bowing down each time at the cost of one's life is like a person travelling without knowing where it wants to go.

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