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26/11: Not just tokenism for aam admi from Maha

As almost always, it is the neglected, away-from-the-limelight aam admi from Bharat who has, without being asked by anyone, gone beyond tokenism after 26/11.

While well-heeled, media-conscious Indians have limited the show of their solidarity with those who died by lighting candles and holding peace marches, prayer meetings and TV studio debates, immediately after the attack and to mark its first anniversary, the aam admi of Maharashtra has come forward to take the bullets on his chest, if necessary.

The number of persons volunteering to serve in the military has doubled in Maharashtra. In 2007, there were around 2000 recruits. This year over 5000 have already been recruited, the second largest among states. Volunteers have been lining up selection centres across the state.

Any surprise that this jump in recruitments is for jawans, not officers?


Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Amazing fact brought to our notice, Vinodji! Thanks!

BK Chowla, said...

Perhaps,there is greater JASBA amongst the jawans than the prospective officers.
In any case,I was not aware of the development on recruitments.Thanks.

manju said...

Very interesting! It does seem that not India, but Bharat, has gone beyond tokenism after the Mumbai terror attacks.

Happy Kitten said...

thankyou for this hopeful info...

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