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It is almost one year since 26/11.
We needed one FBI to tell us about David Headley.
Now we all have become wise and suddenly discovered the hotels he stayed at,his tel numbers,his travel destinations during last about one year.
Is it time to clean up our intelligence machinery??


posted on11/11/09 b k chowla


Ugich Konitari said...

Most of the time "clean up " means "cover up". Hemant Karkare's widow files an RTI to get whereabouts of his bulletproof jacket, and is told it is untraceable. A disgraced home minister (from 26/11) is back. And they rush to publish security measures at the cricket match today, so that the audience as well as some undesirable others will know.

So intelligent.

Vinod_Sharma said...

What is going to be cleaned up if no one is held accountable? Apart from Shivraj Patil who should not have been made minister for anything in the first place, everyone is where he was before 26/11.

RR Patil is back as HM Maharashtra and ex-cop and IB chief Narayanan continues as NSA.

BK Chowla, said...

Ugichi Konitari,earlier the file in this case went missing.Now the vest is missing.
What is the future?
Will the corrupt ever be booked?

Vineeta said...

Clean up!! Where to start?? I smtimes wonder if Jharkhand ex CM can accumulate such a lumpsum of money.. wat abt CMs and ex CMs of other cream states??

I always have a thought.. We should have a authoritarian comittee above all the political parties(may be formed by retired entrepreneurs of India). And that comittee should have a annual appraisal with the running government. A complete transparent system which shows where the money of common man goes when given as tax!!

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