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India's pyrotechnics capital adds an 'a' to improve safety!

Sivakasi, the pyrotechnics capital of India, will soon become Sivakaasi.

Several firecracker units in this town have been suffering accidents, prompting soothsayers to suggest that the adding of an 'a' to its name – remember how Jayalalitha became Jayalalithaa? - will ward off “the evil eye.”

Municipal vice-chairman AMSG Ashokan of the Congress is convinced and the 33-member municipal council has also unanimously passed a resolution accordingly.

As per Chaldean numerology, the present name adds up to 18, a fiery number of Mars. The change will make it 19, a powerful number.

One would have thought that with 90% of India's firecrackers and 80% of its safety matches being produced here in over 8000 factories, more attention would have been paid to improving safety standards.

But, what the hell, a change of name doesn't cost a paisa!


BK Chowla, said...

I have heard of Film stars adding on alphabets.
It is so much easier to fool those simple people with superstition than spending money on safety measures.
Cracker and Match factories have been there for ages.Why this sudden realisation about change of name?

Vineeta said...

I dont mind this name change provided they have Plan B if this fails. Hope they are listening!!!

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