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Chor chor zindabad

If you are into kidnapping, extortion, attempting to murder, or even "pure" murder, all is not lost. You have a very "productive" career ahead of you as a candidate for elections in Jharkhand, supposed to take place on 25th.

Out of a total of 470 candidates, 370 have been checked out by the National Election Watch, and 108 candidates have criminal backgrounds.

27 candidates have declared assets of more than 1 crore. 168 candidates have not provided PAN card details, and by logic, their tax payment details .

Why were they allowed to contest ?

A retired peon I know was refused the facility of a bank account because he didn't have a PAN card. (The bank did not inform him about the form 60 alternative)

Is being a criminal a necessary electoral qualification ?


Vinod_Sharma said...

As more such data comes to light and as more we watch sponsored debates on TV, the feeling that this criminal mockery of democracy won't last long gets stronger.

BK Chowla said...

You are right.It is essential to be a criminal to fight elections as that is the prime reason other parties look upon those candidates to utilise their "expertise" later.

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