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Funded Goondagiri

Misuse of legislative privilege is endemic in our country.

Shouting down , abusing, walking out, and finally, physically hitting fellow legislators , and throwing and destroying the nations property, which we all pay for. Snatching the chairman’s papers, tearing the Governer’s address, and throwing it on his face.

Each parliamentary/legislative minute costs Rs 20,000.

Our shameful expenditure:

In the 11th Lok Sabha (1996 to 1998) 5.28 % of the total Parliament time was lost in pandemonium.

The above figure increased to 10.66% in the 12th Lok Sabha.

The figure became more than double i.e. 22.4 % between 1999 and 2004.

The 14th Lok Sabha recorded 38 per cent time lost in the first two sessions,

The Rajya Sabha, reacting similarly to these issues, lost a whopping 46 per cent time in the corresponding 201st and 202nd sessions.

Next ?


Vinod_Sharma said...

Sometimes one gets the feeling that some day someone will send all these guys to the Cellular Jail in Part Blair. They shame us all.

BK Chowla, said...

The behaviour of MNS legislators was deplorable.
Parties refrain from criticizing such acts as they may need the support of such goonda elements in days to come.
We will and we must learn to live with present situation.

Smitha said...

The most infuriating aspect is that our legislators don't blink before wasting our money over such nonsense! It is indeed shameful! Sadly these antics seem to be vote garnering techniques!

Will they ever raise their voices for real issues?

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