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26/11 martyr's family shames the corrupt, does India proud

As India remembers those who lost their lives during 26/11, the family of a cop who was martyred has done something which should make India proud.

Vaishali Ombale, daughter of ASI Tukaram Ombale, has declined aid of Rs 8 lakh, on the advise of her mother that her father's soul will not be in peace if she accepted it.

Earlier too, the Ombales had refused to accept donations collected by students of Rayat Sikshan Sanstha in Solapur. Instead, Mrs Ombale added her own contribution and donated it back to the school.

Says Vaishali, “Had the money being donated to us...been used to purchase arms and ammunition, lives of a few policemen could have been saved.”

Will these words shame the corrupt who can't see beyond their pockets, including those who bought the missing bullet-proof vests that let bullets through?


Jeena R Papaadi said...

But wasn't this aid collected by an institute, and not the Politicians or Ministers? I think Vaishale Ombale did right, but I don't think she intended to shame them.

Vinod_Sharma said...

You are right. She didn't do it to shame anyone. It was conscience call. But in these time when people don't let even a dime slip by, for her to refuse what is a large sum of money for a sub-inspector is an act that should shame the corrupt.

Ugich Konitari said...

No applause can be enough for Smt. Ombale . She has taken a larger view of who can benefit, instead of looking at her own family. Her husband died fighting the same way.

Will our greedy politicians ever learn ?

Kislay said...

I bow before them .

BK Chowla said...

We think it will shame them .It will not.They are shameless,stinking,corrupt,selfish people-how can you shame such people?
Ms Ombale did set an example and we should have more citizens like her who can lead by example.

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