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Mumbai Railway Commuters' Initiative Against Terror

A group of 250 or so Mumbai citizens- regular Central Railway Commuters- have come together to form the 'My Mumbai Brigade'. They intend to act as informers for the Government Railway Police, if they see anything suspicious while travelling on the trains.

After the attack we were angry and wanted to contribute in some way. Since we commute daily, we thought of offering the police and the railways our help in security,” says Shashikant Deshmukh who works at Mazgaon dock and lives in Panvel.

Retired serviceman Bajirao Thokal, one of the founders of the group says, " A man like Kasab should ideally have been stopped right at Macchimar Colony, but he walked into our city and killed people."

Mumbai, and other cities in India could do with more citizens like these- ready to help actively in the fight against terror.


Vinod_Sharma said...

This is a splendid effort. Good to see that ordinary citizens are beginning to realise that they too have a very important role to play in keeping India and themselves safe. I hope such initiatives are replicated all over the country

BK Chowla said...

I appreciate the effort of the commuters.Also the initiative being taken by various group of people.
But I have one question----what is the state expected to do?Do we pay taxes so that they can provide security for themselves?What is the responsibility of the Govt?

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