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Woman perusades husband to dump daughters

One more shocking incident of discrimination against daughters has come to light

After birth of a son, a woman persuaded her rickshaw puller husband to dump both their daughters, aged one and three, and Tapan Guru left them at Khurda Railway Station while they were asleep.

Fortunately, Mamuni and Chummuni were found crying by Railway Police which handed them to an NGO, Padmashree, after failing to locate their parents.

As per Hochimin Sastry, secretary of the NGO, the parents have been located and the girls will be handed back to them after extensive counseling. This is being done even though they have an orphanage, as “their parents' place is best for them”. Since the couple have little means, the NGO will also try and arrange some money for them.

Happy Ending here; doesn't happen in most cases...


Smitha said...

God! That is so sad! I do hope the couple don't take the money and abandon the children again.. How can parents do that? Poverty I guess.. but it is heart breaking all the same..

Vinod_Sharma said...

Poverty indeed. It is heart-breaking no doubt. Life has many harsh faces; this must be among the harshest for tiny innocent souls for no fault of theirs

BK Chowla said...

Moral of the story should long will the poor suffer and abandon their children.Even after 63 yrs,we have failed in providing the basics,including sense of security to the common man.
Where are we headed towards.?

Vinod_Sharma said...

We are headed towards another Partition: this time it will be between 'America's India' and Bharat.

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