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If Mayawati can have six, Congress must have more!

How often have we seen those accusing others of doing something doing the same thing themselves?

Mayawati has for long been under fire from the Congress for putting up statues of dalit leaders, including herself, in UP. But now, the Congress party is all set to to outdo Mayawati who has only six statues of herself in Lucknow.

As per Health Minister Danam Nagender, at least 30 statues of YSR Reddy are going to be installed in Hyderabad alone. Not hard to imagine how many more will come up in the rest of the state. This is on top of a massive 1,412 hectare memorial that is being set up in Nallamalla forest where Reddy died in a helicopter crash.

At this rate, India will soon be filled with statues and memorials of politicians. What a shame.


Happy Kitten said...

sad state of affairs... and is there no way one can stop this?

Vinod_Sharma said...

It's only getting worse! Now Karunanidhi's parents' statues have come up in their village!

BK Chowla said...

We have to live with all this muck.
Mayawati has been a political target but does not have the strength to take on the fact no one can.

Vinod_Sharma said...

True. There is virtually no opposition as of now. But we must not forget that it takes but one small spark to change everything on its head. I remember how Bofors led to Rajiv Gandhi's defeat from a position of unprecedented strength.

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