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Even when people reject, they can only elect: democracy?

In India, a candidate can lose his security deposit but still be declared a winner in an election. How can a person rejected by voters be deemed to be their popular choice?

As per election rules, any candidate who get less than one sixth of the total votes polled in a constituency loses his security deposit of Rs 5,000. That is the token penalty that he has to pay for being so roundly rejected by the people.

But what happens if all candidates lose their security deposits? The one who gets the maximum votes is declared winner!

This is what has happened in the recent elections in Karnal, Haryana where Zile Ram Sharma has emerged victorious – and much richer, considering the post-poll machinations in progress.

This is a mockery of democracy. Even when people reject, they can only elect.


Solilo said...

Our democracy has many flaws. Long time ago I wrote something on this. It is difficult to digest Rajya Sabha members and those who are rejected by 'lok mat' leading our country. So what is the purpose of voting? If democracy means 'for/by/of the people' then elected representatives should lead us. But in our democracy, we elect party. Leaders are selected by party heads. :(

BK Chowla, said...

Democracy has become a slogan in India.
Since yesterday,there is fight over CM for Maharashtra.Democracy...decision left with Sonia Gandhi??
Zile Ram must have become rich overnight after the expert Hooda got into action.
It is all a joke.As Solio has said...those who are loyal to a particular leader/family get accommodated in RS and to say that RS was meant to have the most eminent personalities as it's members.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Solilo, yes, Rajya Sabha, Governors etc. All 'Sarkari saandhs' mostly rehabilitated as a favour at great state expense and little utility. People actually never get to decide who will lead them. All that happens behing closed doors. Add dynastic rule and you have little for/by/of left.

Mr Chowla, Zile Ram lost Rs 6,000 for being rejected by the people but has gained crores becuase he was needed to form a government that was also not elected by the people!

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