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Weekend Shows With A Difference

Hundreds of workers from cities in Uttar Pradesh go back every weekend to their villages- Purey Gosainpur, Choubeypur, Hadideeha and others. There they perform folk art forms, in an effort to keep these arts alive. They perform rare traditional dances like the Godau, and songs like the Dhunmuniya Kajri.

Dr Luvkush Dwivedi, regional cultural officer of Uttar Pradesh’s culture department says they have mapped 15 folk forms and 700 performers in two districts alone.

These weekend performances are infusing life into some rare folk arts,” says Dwivedi, who has provided the performers with microphones and speakers, and ensured that they have the means to travel to neighbouring villages in teams.

Thanks to these enthusiastic performers, these traditional arts will continue to enthrall audiences for some time more.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Good to hear that some efforts are being made to keep alive traditional dance forms. Cities are gradually turning into xerox machines that are fast losing touch with the world outside municipal limits.

BK Chowla, said...

If the State Govts take up tourism business seriously,there is so much talent we can show to the world.Cities are now showing talent and development by building flyovers and malls.
Recently,I visited Mathura.
I wish we tap the talent-all kinds- there.
Influx to the cities will stop and talent will show up.Only an opportunity is required by them.

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