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Delhi Metro makes a difference

The Delhi Metro is making a big difference and the city proud, thanks to Mr E Sreedharan.

The cost of construction of Phase-1 was Rs 10,571 crores. The value of social and economic benefits like passenger time saved, fuel cost saved, reduction in capital/operating cost of vehicles, will be Rs 10,801.64 crores by March 2012, helping recover the cost two years ahead of schedule.

Here are some impressive statistics according to a CRRI study:
  • Daily ridership up to 8.5 lakhs/day

  • 57, 953 vehicles off the roads daily

  • 255 accidents, including 51 fatalities to be avoided in 2009

  • Commuters saving Rs 947.07 crores annually due to reduced time of travel and Rs 180.89 crores due to fuel

  • Emission of harmful greenhouse gases reduced by 1,31,614 tonnes/year

Similar Metros are needed in other cities too.


BK Chowla said...

This is one project of the Govt which has been most constructive and trouble free.
I agree with all the statistics.
It has been one project which has been almost free of corruption.
Now,has any one wondered as to how did they handle tons and tons of mud they dug up without messing the roads??
We need few more Sreedharans in this country.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes, this is one of the few projects that have been free of corruption and completed in time and without cost overruns! All thanks to Sreedharan.

India needs many, many like him. I wish to see him as President one day, if not PM.

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