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Abiogenesis: 'Rustic Relish' for Grammy

Ever heard of Abiogenesis? It is a rock/fusion band from Nagaland. Its experimentation with music has resulted in a new form of world music named 'Howey' which is a fusion of Naga folk tunes with various forms of modern music. Another unique feature of Abiogenesis is that they play a new wind musical instrument made of bamboo called Bamhum as a leading instrument invented by Moa Subong, a band member.

Their second album 'Rustic Relish' has been listed in the 51st Grammy Awards in the Best Vocal Pop Album category. Their first album 'Aeon Spell' was also listed in two categories in the 50th Grammy Awards. Abiogenesis are:Arenla on Vocals and Lead Bamhum, Moa on Bamhum/Guitar/Harmonica, Longden on Lead Guitar, Imli on Drums/Percussions and Kongdir on Bass.

Here are You Tube videos of two of their great songs:


manju said...

Interesting- a fusion of traditional with the modern! Very commendable for them to be listed in the Grammys.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes. I like the music. I think they'll go places.

sm said...

like the musci

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