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Satyagraha That Should Shame Pilots On Strike

Mookhon Iung, Mookabeng, Nongkharai, Nonglatem, Iongshiwiat, Moorathut and Nongdhar. These are villages that few outside Meghalaya would have heard of. Not any longer.

Ending a 20-year wait for a road that the PWD should have built, about 750 villagers from these seven villages in the Jaintia Hills have decided to build a 15 km long road that will connect to a highway.

They hope to complete the work by the end of September and then “see if the government still remains shameless not to come and blacktop it,” says Tyllilang Mukhim, rangbah shnong or headman of Nonglatem village.

The villagers want to make the road good enough for commercial vehicles to carry their agricultural produce, much of which rots before it reaches the market.

This is real Satyagraha. Positive, constructive. Should shame Jet Airways pilots who have gone on strike.
Picture Source: Hindustan Times


manju said...

Though we have to congratulate the villagers for taking matters into their own hands, I too, wonder- 'if the government still remains shameless not to come and blacktop it'...

Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes,I will not be surprised if it remains unmoved. Though, with the information revolution that we are experiencing, it may not find it easy to hide, if the story is followed up.

Happy Kitten said...

Wow! kudos to the villager and as Manju said even this may not shame the authorities..

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