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Airlines Grounded, Cars Flying!

Even as India's airlines are being "grounded" due to slower economic growth and high ATF prices, cars are flying off assembly lines.

Sales in August have zoomed from 96,082 in July to 1.2 lakhs, a whopping 25.5% jump, on top of a 31% growth in July. And the festive season is yet to come. Demands for new models has ensured that sales have shown an increase for the seventh straight month.

India has also zipped past China to become the third largest exporter of autos, despite its own market being just 19% of China's. Between January and July, India exported 2.3 lakh cars, vans, SUVs and trucks, registering a growth of 18%, while Chinese exports skidded 60% to 164,800 units.

May be that's one reason why China's growls on its border with a petrified India are getting increasingly dangerous.


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