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Ramayan and Mahabharat on Facebook

Facebook is taking over the Epics too. Who would have thought that Ramayan and Mahabharat would be re-interpreted yet again like this!

I received an email with an attached pdf file about an hour ago. Finding its contents brilliant and worthy of being read by all, I googled for the source and reached Kokonad's site where the original article is posted. 'If Ramayan Were On Facebook' is a terrific effort that will have you laughing. Unless, of course, you are one of those 'competitively' narrow-minded bigots who believe that any fun interpretation of religious scriptures is blasphemous.

Kishanshok has also written 'Facebook Mahabharatha' on his blog. But that's not half as good.

I am sure many more versions will hit the net soon.



manju said...

Ha ha! Very entertaining!

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