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Rajdhani, Shatabdi Get Makeover

Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains will soon look “different” and lose their unique blue and red colours.

The Railways have decided to offer more space inside both these trains for advertisements. The package will also include on board sanitation, cleanliness and upkeep of coaches. The reserve price for this unique product promotion scheme has been fixed at Rs 1 crore for the Rajdhani and Rs 50 lakhs for Shatabdi.

A couple of months back, Railway Minister Mamata Bannerjee had stopped the outcourcing of food in these trains after complaints about quality, and asked the IRTC to take over.

Good measures these, no doubt. But what has happened to all that talk of increasing the speed of these trains and even Indias' own “Bullet Trains”?

Mamata needs to visit China. Perhaps that shock and awe will speed things up.


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