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Absentee Railways Minister

The Union Cabinet has met on 12 occasions since the UPA returned to power, but Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee has attended just five meetings.

Banerjee opposed the Land Acquisition Bill at the Cabinet meeting on July 23, and subsequently skipped three consecutive Cabinet meetings—on August 6, 13 and 20.

In choosing to absent herself from the latest Cabinet meeting on September 10, she seems to have shot herself in the foot.

'Banerjee not only worsened her attendance record further, but also ensured that her ministry’s proposal seeking a Rs 17,700 crore Japanese loan to fund Indian Railways flagship project—the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor, could not be taken up.'

It appears that just becoming a Union Minister is enough for Mamata Banerjee- no need to take the attendant responsibilities seriously!


Vinod_Sharma said...

I think this is because she is focused on becoming CM of West Bengal. The Central minister job is no more than an idling slot for her whose sole utility is to further her ambition in the state.

Sad. We had an "absent" Home Minister in Patil for five years. Now we have Mamata and Krishna. I wonder when politicians will start taking governance rather than power seriously.

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