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Manipur: India's troubled Jewel

Here are some little known statistics about one of India's most beautiful states, the "Jewelled Land", Manipur.

According to Babloo Loitongbam of Human Rights Alert, the highest per capita “terrorist” presence in the world is not in Afghanistan or Iraq but in Manipur, where the ratio of insurgents to citizens is estimated to be 1:100,000. Counting insurgents in Manipur is like counting stars, he says, and the deeper you look, the more their numbers grow. A recent question in the Legislative Assembly about the number of armed cadres operating in the state reportedly yielded the figure of 12,000. Another startling statistic is the ratio of armed personnel to civilians, which is pegged at 35:100 in Manipur, compared to 1:100 in Myanmar.

Asks Ammu Joseph: Why do they not spark interest, or make news, in the rest of the country?


Happy Kitten said...

Oh! was really ignorant until you pointed out... our mainstream media has become just another corporate house busy counting profits..

but why is Manipur in this state?

Vinod_Sharma said...

It is not just the media. All of us are pay scant attention to the North East. The people of that region do not feel alienated without reason.

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