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Lesson In Harmony And Tolerance

Buddhist villagers of Banglung village in Assam's Karbi Anglong district are faced with a peculiar problem.

Hundreds of storks nesting on a sacred peepal tree are threatening the tree's survival. Several branches of the tree have already dried up because of infection caused by the birds' presence and their weight.

The villagers had thought of chasing the birds away but did not do so because it is against their religion. So, they have asked the forest department to take steps to protect both the tree and the storks.

Some lesson in living harmoniously with nature, even each other, for all of us.

Perhaps the Chinese, who are busy destroying Tibet's culture and changing its demographics by pushing in Han settlers, would also do well to re-learn the teachings of Buddha from the people they are oppressing.


Anonymous said...

Chinese have converted themselves into a selfish anti-religion people... so they don't have any religion... no buddhism... perhaps some other capitalistic faith

Vinod_Sharma said...

Sad. I suppose the Law of Karma will catch up sometime...

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