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Same Law For Everyone

In India, the rich and famous apparently think that laws that lesser mortals have to follow, do not apply to them!

Cricketer Harbhajan Singh recently acquired a Hummer SUV costing Rs. 10 million. He did not think that it was necessary to get a registration number, though.

While he was driving the vehicle in Chandigarh city yesterday, 'the traffic police slapped him with a penalty of Rs.3,000 for traffic rule violations'.

Superintendent of Police (traffic) H.S. Doon said : "We got this complaint against Harbhajan Singh yesterday (Monday) that he was driving a Hummer without any number plate in Chandigarh. The law is same for anyone and it does not permit us to ignore any celebrity or a cricketer."

Interestingly, a friend of the cricketer had driven it from Jalandhar to Chandigarh without a number plate, but had not been stopped.


Vinod_Sharma said...

These are heartwarming stories that help to restore the faith of the common man. Snce such stories are so few and far between, I think the cop who did not get overawed and booked Bhajji needs to be complimented.

Kislay said...

A cop in Ranchi fined Dhoni for traffic violation , and he was transferred . :) They did say , that Dhoni is Special !

Happy Kitten said...

Kudos to both the cops... and as for Dhoni I guess he is way too high for ordinary folks... nd India won the Nehru cup for football and where are our fans?

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