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Bihari Youth Going Bananas for Mobiles!

The mobile revolution has the poor youth of Raghopur, Bihar going bananas literally!

When some phone companies started giving free sim cards along with cell phones, they would not have imagined that the move would drive some guys straight into banana plantations. Sim cards may be free, but it costs to chat. So what do you do when you want to keep chatting but have no money to buy recharge coupons? You sneak into banana fields, steal bunches of bananas and sell them at throwaway prices.

With recharge coupons available between Rs 10 and Rs 50, and a bunch of bananas going between Rs 25 and Rs 40, it's a win-win situation for cell phone users and operators in Rabri Devi's constituency!

The only guys not happy are banana cultivators. Are they going to complain to Laloo Yadav? Ha!


Anonymous said...

:) Mobiles have changed the priorities of a whole generation in India :)

Vinod_Sharma said...


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