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Save electricity Save money - save ourselves!

When my ex-colleague, now the CEO of an electronic manufacturing company mentioned to me that their factory near Mumbai, a heavy consumer of electricity, was running up steep bills, I knew another relocation would affect the livelihood of hundreds of workers.

MERC the tariff-regulating body, formed to regulate prices charged by these companies, is playing into their hands, while the poor consumers become poorer. Power distribution companies jack up power prices at will – notwithstanding demonstrations of the local Senas.

I learn that production of electricity was the single-most contributor of pollution, which threatens to destroy our planet. Why not we all join the salvo on these errant companies, while also saving our planet? Use CFL bulbs, switch off TV- no standby mode, use star-rated electronic appliances. Say no to decorative lights in festivities, escalators in malls, neon signs. Save Electricity!


Vinod_Sharma said...

Save wasteful use of electricity we must.We must also go in for more non-polluting ways of producing it: nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, ocean etc

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

You're right Vinod, that's what the Govt and industry will hopefully do for us.

Sakhi said...

I ty to do my bit!! Its saving our planet, its saving ourselves!! :)

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