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An Immature Response - A Tragedy for Mumbai

Recently the Prime Minister reshuffled his cabinet and there were varied responses. One of them was Gurudas Kamat, who, incidentally, represents our area in the Lok Sabha.

He chose to resign because he was shifted to the Water and Sanitation Ministry. This "intelligent" MP felt that he has been side-lined and should have been given a more "weighty" ministry.

In this day and age our politicians feel that drinking water and sanitation are of no importance.  Kamat should have been aware that Mumbai lives from year to year and is completely dependant on monsoons for their water supplies.One monsoon failure and we will have water riots here.

Here was a chance to help the city to reduce its dependance on rains and build something that would have helped many generations to come.
Alas! He turned out to be a man of straw in pursuit of titles.


BK Chowla, said...

It is all about lucrative ministries, dirty money,business beniami deals.
We are heading towards a very uncertain future

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