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Budget - An annual farce

We have an annual ritual of presenting the annual budget of the Government of India on 28th February every year. Apart from presenting the accounts of the GOI, the budget has gained a level of importance far beyond what it deserves.

It has become the arbiter of our destinies and a dispenser of largesse to that group which danced and grovelled the best. It carries the ever-alive threat of additional taxes. Crumbs are thrown to the common man,  fancy jargon quoted as a measure of impressive success.

Today's budget has been no different. It perpetuates the practice of fudging accounts and window dressing them. One is led to believe that all is well.

When India eventually achieves its destiny as a economically advanced nation, the people of India need to be applauded and not an insipid and unimaginative Government.


BK Chowla, said...

I am not a pessimist, but, at the speed at which we are being driven/governed, I dont see much hope. FM read out the budget like a school teacher reading out a para from the text book.
FM always consults, trade bodies before budget gets ready. Have any one ever heard FM meeting the aam aadmi, or a Farmers reprentative before drawing up the budget?
Never, FM knows as to where does the kitty gets filled.

Mavin said...

Somewhere it has become a very big game with high stakes. The rest of the population is forgotten...

deepak mavi said...

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ram mavi said...

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Prasad Maitra said...

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