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What's New?.....Wikileaks Expose

We have been witnessing a huge controversy kicked up by the continuous flow of "behind the doors" information from Wikileaks.

Widespread interest has been generated and everybody is eager to get that juicy bit of diplomatic faux-pas.

What emerges from this episode is the identity of the true villain. It is the United States of America. It has long been known that USA has been the master of double-speak and always played India and Pakistan against each other.

Post 26/11, US help was forthcoming only because of American citizens killed. They had information on every previous terrorist strike but never shared.

What transpires now is India has been "back-stabbed" even here. Alas, one more time.

What's new?? We all can see it but our political masters do not want to....


BK Chowla, said...

It is not the first time that India has known of US's double standards.Why are we complaining?Is it wrong to protect one's country's interest?America cares for Americans.If we don't care and don't show concern for our own citizens, why would any other country care for us.It is time for India to stand on it's own two bloody legs and stop crying like babies.
We must LEARN from Americans, instead creating noises

Alka Gurha said...

Lets get real...Nations have interests. Nations do not have morals. These leaks reaffirm that there is no point crying on the shoulders of US.The double speak was known, only it has been exposed now.

manjujoglekar said...

"What's new?" That's true. This really is an open secret. As the US looks after it's own interests, so should we, I feel.

Re: wikileaks- One wonders whether there are more cons to the leaks than pros...

R. Ramesh said...

thanks bkc sir:)

Himanshu said...

my view too the same sir same like you.

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