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Roads to Progress

While the Golden Quadrilateral happens, Bihar has discovered roads.

Madhav Singh, 82, lives in Alwalpur village, 12 kilometres outside Patna. Till 3 years ago, he walked 3 kilometres to catch a bus for Patna. In the monsoon, he waded chest deep through water , and crossed the flooded Punpun river by boat, to catch the bus. Today thanks to the new government's schemes, there is a pucca motorable road to his doorstep.

In 2005 , funds earmarked for roads were Rs.594.73 crore, while what was used was only Rs.263.23 crore. All the while, Lalu kept promising roads as smooth as Hema Malini's cheeks. Today, outlay and expenditure are evenly matched at Rs.3045.65 and Rs.3045.03, respectively.

Amazingly, in the past four years alone, the state has laid over 25 percent of the road network added since independence


Himanshu said...

well i done the audit of NHAI & visit Bihar then Darbhanga, Patna etc. progrss is well.
Lalu game is over.

vineetasdiary said...

There should be some kind of comparison/competition across states and the budget approval should be based on that for each state! Recently, maharashtra govt was asked to learn from Gujarat govt. It hurts their ego and might make them work little..

But for all this, central should take some steps..

BK Chowla, said...

For sure, one point has been proved. Unless the head of the state is serious about his work and commitment, no progress can take place.
It is very interesting to compare non congress governed sates to those with cong governed.Congress can be put to shame.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Eye opening stuff. Shows not just what good governance can do but also the havoc bad governance can play, has played, with this country, its people. Some of these guys need to re-populate the Cellular Jail; they are a clear and present danger to India.

Anonymous said...

Really the village of bihar and infrastructure is changing like never before.Now Gov has to give another push by replicating Gujrat agriculture model and give a boost to dairy and horticulture and brand new state is born to propel the national growth like never before.

Maverick said...

Nitish Govt has really made a lot of roads. Earlier there was one road to my village which used to break after flood. Now we have 3 roads apart from the original one and no one uses the original road.

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