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PAN cards for GanpatiBappa

Ever since some lady in Gujarat created a thousand demat accounts for herself and messed around speculating in securities, agencies doing demat have been strict demanding address, identity , and PAN card proofs.

Turns out that an old , prestgious, private religious trust , Ganpati Panchayatam Sansthan, of Sangli , (erstwhile royal Patwardhan family) has got PAN cards issued in the names of the various deities. The NSDL has refused to open demat accounts for Lord Ganesh, Chintamaneshwardev, Chintamaneshwaridevi, Suryanarayandev and Laxminarayandev.

Courts have earlier allowed holdings in demat accounts for deities, and this matter is now in court.

Given the vast number of old deities in Pune with a very public face, stay tuned for address and identity
proofs demanded from Khunya Murlidhar, PatryaMaruti, Jilbya Maruti, Hatti Ganpati, and an NSDL litigating with all of them.

God help NSDL!


Vinod_Sharma said...

What happened to the courts?! God help indeed.

manju said...

I have heard about bank accounts being opened in the name of servants and even pets of rich folk. But de-mat accounts in the name of deities! Very innovative....

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