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One, two, three,,,,throw ! Or is it , Fling ?

With the Commonwealth Games coming up, naturally there will be talk about medals , or, the lack of them. Already the emphasis is on how the Games village is better than Beijing's.

And of course Sania and Saina.

If the Chairman and heads of various games looked around they would find so many "hidden" talents in sports, say, as in shot put.

They create a Sports Authority and then act stingy with resources or misuse them. Athletes from rural areas and the hinterland go through immense trouble because of lack of infrastructure and facilities, while there is a blatant disregard for how budgeted funds are being actually utilised.

Here's a new source. Already with infrastructure, political power, and money.

Shot put comes to mind...

Watch this .


manju said...

Unfortunately the type of video clip often seen these days!

Perhaps our representatives should be made to undergo the rigourous training sessions that the real athletes have to? Might cool them down a bit!

R. Ramesh said...

bkc sir, u should have seen so many people here suffering without power supply...real sad...with heat shooting up in the desert..

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