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Another Futile Stage Managed Sting Op

For a couple of bucks Mutalik, head of the alleged Ram Sene would sell his soul.

The whole exercise seems so contrived that it looks completely stage managed. Consider the players in this drama that is being played out, ostensibly to shock the country and raise the war cry against "saffron vandalism".

Tehelka, a failed at "whatever he has done" organisation has pompously proclaimed themselves as upholders of truth. Hindustan Times, supposedly, at the forefront of fair journalism, but in reality the worst offender.  Third is Mutalik the self crowned of Hindu interests, a splinter group of unemployed and idle youths, funded by vested interests.

These three crooks get together and reach an agreement on doing a stage managed sting operation. Even the script seems to be written by HT-Tehelka.

Is this not blatant misuse of power of media to sway people with cooked up stories? 


R. Ramesh said...

bkc sir u r pulling my ice cream 4 u heheh

BK Chowla, said...

Biased Journalism and dirty politicians is a bad combination.

Vinod_Sharma said...

The sting is by Tehelka and Headlines Today. The whole thing seems to be not only contrived but also somewhat stage managed. Appears to be part of a carefully thought out strategy to keep the minds of Indians away from the many serious issues that India is facing and the unprecedented plunder of the country by its so-called leaders.

BK Chowla, said...

It could also be an effort to discredit the BJP clan

Anonymous said...

The whole episode is sordid in the extreme. But I don't think anyone- barring a few intellectuals- really believe that Mutalik represents the saffron viewpoint.

Mavin said...

These stunts only influence the minds of the urban westernised viewers who anyway might not vote.

Locally, in Karnataka, Mutalik has no locus standii. Yeddy is a smart politician. He does not want to give unnecessary publicity to Mutalik and make him a larger than life figure.

R. Ramesh said...

bkc sir...u r a gr8 blessing to the blog world...really..thanks a tonne 4 all yr encouragement to everyone around..u may not know how much it matters..cheers

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