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Towards Informed Voting!

We may have been stirred from their deep slumber with the Jaagore Campaign which urged us to vote!

But without the Bhaago Re exercise, it is unlikely we would have their Voter’s ID.

Just in case we do have our Voters ID, our dilemma would be where to find enough information about the candidates so to make an informed choice?

Mumbai Votes attempts to address this information need here.

Do read this interview with the founder of Mumbai Votes here which provides information about governance of Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation

At Bangalore Koramangala has one for themselves.

If you come across any more links, do post them in the comments section!
No more excuses for not voting!


manjujoglekar said...

These are great initiatives! Very useful information- thanks!

Smitha said...

That is really interesting information. Such initiatives are really encouraging.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Let's hope they lead to informed voting...though I suspect our politicians have a stake in keeping many of us uniformed!

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

I would like to add that i did visit some of the websites and they are in the early stages of compilation of data needed to help us make decisions. Mumbai Votes is looking for journalists to contribute 12 hrs per week etc to help build the info. Lets hope the right people join them!

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