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Is West Bengal some kind of disputed territory ? Everyday there is news of Maoists burning schools, abducting teachers, forcing villagers to poison dogs, and announcements from their so called Head Maoist.

Now Karnataka reports that Maoists is that state are demanding higher pay for cops, their erstwhile enemy.

And the Union Government does nothing, even after exposing that the Maoists plan an armed takeover of the country by 2050.

Why is a situation being encouraged where there is no all out attack on these enemies of the state , who are taking law into their own hands ? Their leaders give statements like heads of state, our Home Minister, on TV, gives them a phone number to call him.

Women's Bill is fought for.

But Women in far off states, suffer, as the government treats Maoists with kid gloves.


manju said...

No one dares to do anything against the Maoists. The state parties either support them or have supported them in the past.

In any other state, governor's rule would have been declared by now.

The maoists have sunk to such low levels that they now sexually exploit their women cadres.

sm said...

who is interested to save india

BK Chowla, said...

Look Maoists have created the kind of scare that the state too(quietly, though) is extending support to them.
Chidambaramb is the only one who is trying to understand the problem, but till he gets support from the states all this muck will continue.

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