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Me and my power, right or wrong...

A fire safety audit, done at Mantralaya , Mumbai, on September 29,2008, indicated 32 objections , with blatant violation of norms, thanks to ministerial alterations, and encroachments into free space.

Two months later, 26/11 happened at the Taj, , and the CM went on a disaster tourism visit there. Did he learn anything.?

Today more than a year later, the Taj returns, safeguards enhanced, the CM has changed, more alterations cater to the ego of the new rulers and associates, and the 32 objections remain unaddressed.

We taxpayers pay for these buildings, the security and the so called governance. We also pay for stuff when some calamity happens. New multistoreyed premises are being planned for a modern Mantralaya, again , thanks to the tax payers.

Someone will surely use the building when Mantralaya shifts elsewhere. But who cares ?


R. Ramesh said...

ya who cares? btw, bkc sir, with wellwishers like u, our confidence grows. thanks for support and best rgds..:)

BK Chowla, said...

Nothing can nor will anything change. The establishment is living from disaster to disaster.There only interest is to see through 5 yrs in the seat, collect as much as possible and walk off with the booty.
The incident in Bangalore the other day is still fresh. They will all play the blame game and will appoint another enquiry commission and the story will go on and repeat itself.

Haddock said...

Something worth pondering.

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