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Electrifying Darkness

Villagers of Kanugaon in eastern Assam recently celebrated 25 years of darkness. The State has adopted the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Programme, which gave this village twenty two electric poles in all these years (1985).

Nothing happens, because on paper, this village is already electrified. Village students Saurabh Handique and Lakhimi Sarma, were awarded two computers for academic excellence, which are currently useless show pieces.

So the Committee to Mark the Silver Jubilee of Erection of Electric Posts has invited the ASEB officials for a satirical cultural show.

The adjoining tea estate is electrified, but they are checking whether Kanugaon is a "revenue village" before agreeing to electrification.

How it appears electrified on paper nobody knows.

Power Minister Pradyut Bordoloi says " Execution of the scheme has been praiseworthy".

Maybe changing his name from Pradyut to Vidyut would help ?


BK Chowla, said...

Not only this but a number of govt projects have been completed in files.This is corruption at its highest but corruption is longer an issue.
Some time back I went to Guwahati and was shocked to see the disconnect between the citizens and the state.
NE has been neglected and in my opinion the importance of any state is in direct proportion to the number of Lok Sabha seats it has.
Why would anyone waste time in Assam and why wont he spend the same time and amount in UP or BIHAR.
Incidentally, PM is RS member from Assam??????

manjujoglekar said...

What a shocking situation. And no one in authority is bothered about it!

R. Ramesh said...

Happy Holi one and all there..cheers:)

Mavin said...

Most parts of the country are in the 19th century. You have to visit large parts of Maharashtra where the situation is desperate....

If this for a supposedly developed state, I cannot imagine what it will be for Assam and other states beyond.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Assam is a story of terrible neglect. Hardly ever covered except when there is a blast and people die..

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