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Attitudes Are Hard to Change

We have taken some steps down a path and that seems to have raised temperatures around significantly. The passing of the Women's Reservation the Rajya Sabha.

There are many on one side applauding the event with major political formations having come together to make a new law. Equally strong is an opposing voice and that seems to be spreading fast.

This also highlights a basic fact. Any law to influence or prevent any action  can achieve a high rate of compliance, but,

When it comes to attitudes, it is a different ballgame. It is difficult to change attitudes by compulsion or enactment of a law. This is only possible if there is a genuine change from within and that is a process of evolution.

A step in the right direction but a path strewn with many sharp stones.


Ugich Konitari said...

Unfortunately, in our politics, they dont practice the separation of "personal" and "progressive" national attitudes. So much so that even a bill such as this one makes people think that the supportive party stands to gain greatly from it. Its always a question of "whats in it for me".

This needs to change.....

Happy Kitten said...

nd one still wonders if this reservation was needed.. and if it will do any wonders to the women in India....

BK Chowla, said...

Though ,I support the WRbill, I doubt if it will make any difference to the women.I do see a situation where the outgoing male will insist on his wife-daughter getting the rotational seat.
And before the Bill,no one stopped any party from giving tickets to it's lady members.
Finally, it was passed with most undemocratic way of typical congress way of functioning by getting marshals in.
It reminds one of emergency days.

R. Ramesh said...

yes attitudes r hard 2 change inded..meanwhile, thanks bkc sir...:)

Mavin said...

I guess there will be misuse in the initial stage. We will have relatives of politicians getting opportunities and a chance to male politicians to do some back seat driving.

Remember Rabri Devi and her kitchen cabinet with Lalu calling all the shots.

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