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Anita and the Honeybees

No, these bees are not from Uttar Pradesh! These are honeybees from Patiasa village in Mujaffarpur Dist., Bihar. Here, twenty two year old Anita Kumari runs a successful bee-keeping business.

She started this business eight years ago, with just two boxes. She now tends to honeybees in around 250 boxes- one box has 30,000- 35,000 bees- and supplies honey to several firms. She obtained formal training at Pus Agricultural Institute in methods to produce quality honey.

Her life and the profile of the village changed after her success story was picked by Unicef. She later encouraged more villagers, especially jobless illiterate women, to join her. Now almost the entire 500-house village is engaged in honey production.

Anita has become an example of women empowerment in backward Bihar, entering an NCERT textbook of environmental studies in a Class IV chapter titled “Anita and the honeybees”.


Ugich Konitari said...

Women succeeding in the the most unexpected places and in the most amazing professions. There is Mayawati filing an FIR about bees, and less said about Mulayam the better. We need to hear more about the likes of Anita. I hope some TV channel runs a program on her for us , so we can see. (If they get a chance from chasing useless politicians)

Vinod_Sharma said...

Good to hear this inspiring story after bee attacks of a different kind!

Sometime one gets the feeling that had the entrepreneurial 'jugaadu' spirit of ordinary Indians been encouraged, even allowed, to flower unfettered, we would have seen a very different India today. But what we have instead are doles like NREGA and bribes at election time to keep them trapped and dependent for the benefit of politicians, and a colonial bureaucracy on its own power trip.

Indian Pundit said...


This shows what state supported vocational training can do to our enterprising and highly talented but poor individuals!!

All they need is good quality support.

Anonymous said...

Woman are better focused And if given opportunity they are with the best results.

BK Chowla, said...

Some people lead with examples.It is very encouraging when one comes across such stories.I wish the media which is wasting air time on non issues , visits these sites so as to spread a word around.
WR bill or not, girls are strong enough to establish themselves.

Happy Kitten said...

Thanks for posting this inspiring story.... the media needs to highlight these kind of success stories..

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