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UP Plan to Boost Immunisations

In a recent survey by the government of India, of all the states, UP was was found to have the lowest number of children who are fully immunised against diseases like polio, measles, etc.

So the UP state govt. has drawn up a scheme to pay parents for getting their children immunised .

'Under the proposed scheme, the parents will be paid Rs 50 for each dose of BCG, DPT and OPV (oral polio vaccine) and measles their newborn gets. An additional Rs 50 will be paid on full immunisation of the child.'

An estimated Rs. 27 crores will be spent annually on this initiative.

Perhaps an alternate initiative, of using this money to fund schemes to educate parents about the benefits of immunisation, would be more effective. Or perhaps not.

What do you think?


BK Chowla, said...

I don't trust them.May be only vouchers will be signed and the money will be pocketed by some corrupt neta.
They will not give a way a single oppurtunity to cheat at any occasion.

Vinod_Sharma said...

I entirely agree. This money would have been better spent on educating people. I am not sure how much of money will be given to those who get immunised. Even if officials siphon off the entire amount, the least they should do is actually immunise people and not fudge records to pocket the money.

Himanshu said...

what can i say except god bless these parents
We can just wish that when the kids of these parents grow up then they are smart enough to understand and Govt do not have to pay them so as to get their children immune

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