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Solution to all Political Problems

A recent development in far away Meghalaya seems to have escaped attention and hysterical media hype.

Unwittingly, we may have found a solution to the mad struggle for power, position and status. This may well sound the death knell for all the aya Ram and gaya Ram types in our political domain. The solution seems so ridiculously simple that we must kick ourselves for not thinking about it earlier.

Appoint two Chief Ministers for the state. One as the Chief Executive and the other for just status and position. Surely, we can stretch this concept and accomodate as many aspirants as we can.

If a state can be accomodated why not at the Centre too. We can have a committee of five - ten PMs and except the main guy the others shall retire by rotation and everybody gets a chance to fullfill their ambition.

Need we say more?


Ugich Konitari said...

There will be so many applicants, that the government will have to again look at reservations, and create priority lists;we'll have people in power for like few days each, and no work will be done because of the cintunuous welcome and farewell parties. Can you imagine a CM(R=real), CM(s=status), CM(t=touring), CM(l=legislative), CM(i=press interviews), and , finally CM(t=travel) and CM(f=fibs)...

Anrosh said...

Mavin, Have you watched a marathi movie - " Thya ratri pauz hota " ?

Mavin said...


that is a good one...but the serious point to be noted is that the press does not seem to have gone overboard and criticising the Govt. Funnily enough, the opposition parties also seem to have glossed over it.

Maybe, everybody is rubbing their hands in glee and waiting for this to be the new norm.

Vinod_Sharma said...

There are now four CMs. If I recall correctly, there was a Rajesh Khanna movie many years back in which he, as CM, makes everyone else Dy CM!

The surprising thing is that it has taken decades for real politicians to get the idea. One can only imagine how thoroughly they will murder even this basic norm everywhere.

BK Chowla, said...

In our case ,even in madness there is no method.We are behaving like a bunch of power hungry fools. Such is a situation when those in power and those who are wanting it must be hanging their heads in shame.Imagine as how would they who follow Indian politics would be reacting?

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