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A+ in stupidity and shamelessness

The 24 policemen killed at West Bengals Silda Camp, sent an SOS at 5:30 pm , on 15-2-2010, to a CRPF camp 14 kms away,when they realized that the Maoists had attacked. Standard procedures prohibiting the CRPF from using vehicles, meant that they walked for 3 hours, by which time the Silda massacre was complete.

What standard procedures ?

Meanwhile , assorted corrupt, hate-mongering people in power, get Z plus security which includes, at all hours, 36 security personnel includes black cat commandos,NSG,CRPF, 2 bullet-proof vehicles, pilot cars and escort vehicles full of security personnel, ability to immobilize remote devices, electronic pulse jammers, even to attend a personal social function.

Is that why we are a practice ground for terrorists ? And we know how to send warnings, but not what to do after that ?


manjujoglekar said...

Reportedly, the CRPF reinforcements were afraid that the road to Silda would be mined. And ccording to today's reports, that was the case.

News reports today say 'According to intelligence sources, there were around 45 landmines on the approach roads to Silda, which they said, must have been laid 24 hours before the attack. They added that the Naxalites must have mobilized around 150 people, including local villagers, to dig the roads for mines, and yet the security forces did not get a whiff of it.'

Somehow the reports all sound like a huge cover-up- who knows what is the truth?

Sandhya said...

I don't want to know these types of reports, but we can't run away from the truth...We might be the target the next time and then the impact will hit upon us.

I just don't know what they gain by hurting people. The terrorists can never have a normal family life again.

Innocent civilians and CRPF jawans are getting hurt because of the lethargy of the politicians.

BK Chowla, said...

Whatever may be the truth,it will never come out in the open.
There is another theory going around---that of local politicians being involved in this massacre.

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