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Thus blogs the great enlightener of the masses..
Sometime in the past year, secret talks between India and Pakistan over Kashmir--which made great progress in 2008 before Pakistan's strongman, Pervez Musharraf, was ousted--were restarted, say U.S. and Indian sources. If successful, the negotiations would represent a huge breakthrough for the subcontinent.


Nd why in the world should India be obsessed with Pakistan?

Oh yes… they have an answer to that too.. The much coveted seat in the great UN besides the great US.

And hence, US is dangling this carrot and sweet talking to India so as to end its stand with Pakistan since the great citizens in the US thinks and is made to think that all the problems in Pakistan ( Afganisthan , Bin Laden, Islamic terrorism) is only because of Kashmir (India). Literally speaking, every Pakistani wakes up in the morning and was waking up since Pakistan’s independence and thinks and was thinking only about Kashmir and the myriad ways to save the multitude of suffering souls in Kashmir. And now it seems US is also thinking along these lines!

And it is only we stupid Indians who is yet to realize this great truth… but let us not be discouraged since our government has realized it too..

Did anyone say that Bombay.. sorry Mumbai was attacked?


manju said...

The US views every situation from its own angle- it views the Kashmir issue as a factor in the US 'war against terror' and as nothing else.

Add to that the fact that the US thinks the universe revolves around it, so the Americans have the right to wage war in any country, and the right to settle any dispute between any two countries..

The really sad part is that some Indians are viewing the Kashmir issue and Indo- Pak relations from that angle, too!

Vinod_Sharma said...

You have stated such plain truths that it is puzzling that India's media and even the govt just do not get the idea right. And that probably is because once you admit that, then the options before you narrow - and that no one has either the vision or the balls to face.

Himanshu said...

well i cannot say you are 100% right that every Pakistani is thinking about Kashmir
The problem with Pak is that their educated class is not interested in their country and shifting abroad
& right from the independence they make their education system just to distinguish it from India

BK Chowla, said...

I have always maintained that Americans want see the entire world with their own vision.They would do any thing to protect America and Americans.Perhaps, we need to learn a lesson from the US.

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