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Voting Compulsory in Gujarat!

Voting has been made compulsory in the state of Gujarat by passing of a bill on Saturday 20.12.09! Although a first in India, Italy already has such a law, says Narendra Modi.

In a country where living is compulsory - suicide is a crime, euthanasia is unthinkable and education has also been made compulsory, this is another in the list of 'compulsory' things to do for us Indians. Will more states follow?

We seem to be suffering from a "Obsessive Compulsory Disorder". I posted this because it has become compulsory recently to speak out one's minds on India-tweet (just joking). Now its your turn - commenting also is compulsory, folks!


Vinod_Sharma said...

That is a brilliant idea Gopi. Commenting should made compulsory too. I mean guys can't just come to the blog (voting booth), 'bird watch' (read) and go off without casting their vote, can they?!

But unlike in Gujarat, I think we can do without 'negative' voting here!

BK Chowla, said...

This is an example of a good leader leading from the front.
I hope better sense will prevail with other states and the centre.

manju said...

Well,voting and education both should be compulsory. If we make such things compulsory, it is not a bad thing for Indians to be suffering from an OCD, is it?

And if we get to read more of your great posts on 'india tweets', it's not a bad thing for posting here to be compulsory, either!

Happy Kitten said...

Guess this compulsory business reminds us of school and college days..nd hence like school kids it would take some time to fall in line :)

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